Angela Szczepaniak

Angela Szczepaniak is a full seventeen characters long. She lives in a normal house in a normal city and writes normal books. Her first normal book, Unisex Love Poems (DC Books), sutures swatches of fiction, poetry, slapstick legal antics, and gruesomely illustrated recipes for sweatbreads into a novel-in-poems about questionable dermatology and a butterfingers tightrope walker. The QWERTY Institute (annual report) (BookThug) attempts to expose the secret lives of letters. Catch more typeface antics by following The Institute’s misuse of Twitter @qwertyinstitute

Steve Zultanski

Steven Zultanski is the author of Pad (Make Now Press), Cop Kisser, and Agony (both from BookThug). He co-curates the Segue Reading Series, and lives in Brooklyn.”

derek beaulieu

derek beaulieu is the author of five books of poetry, three volumes of conceptual fiction, over 150 chapbooks and one volume of criticism, Seen of the Crime, which was published by Snare Books in 2011. He is the youngest writer in Canada to have his papers collected in extensio by Simon Fraser University’s Contemporary Literature Collection and is the publisher of the acclaimed smallpresses housepress (1997–2004) and no press (2005–present). Beaulieu is the visual poetry editor at UBUWeb and teaches at the Alberta College of Art and Mount Royal University. In Fall of 2012 Bookthug is publishing his critical edition (co-edited with Gregory Betts) of bill bissett’s seminal 1972 volume of experimental commentary RUSH: what fuckan theory and in 2013 Wilfrid Laurier University Press is publishing his Writing Surfaces: The Selected Fiction of John Riddell (co-edited with Lori Emerson). 2013 also brings Wilfrid Laurier UP’s No more poetry, please: the selected poetry of derek beaulieu as edited by Kit Dobson and a new volume of visual poetry entitled Kern (Les Figues).

Steve Giasson

Steve Giasson (°1979, Québec) is a multidisciplinary artist (conceptual poetry, video, installation…). He has sixteen books to his credit, including DIRECTIONS, coauthored with Robert Fitterman (No press, 2010), 11 (Publishing The Unpublishable # 56 on UbuWeb), PAGE NOT FOUND (appropriated) by Vanessa Place (the sixth book in the Factory Series) and TIFFANY & Co. POEMS. His work has been presented in Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Spain, England and France. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Étude et pratique des arts (UQAM). He lives and works in Montréal.

Simon Wake

Simon Bud Wake is a 22 year old poet and a student of poetry finishing his undergraduate at Concordia. He hopes to study something very technical at some fancy sounding graduate school some time in the future. He lives in Montreal with the love of his life: his dog Ritchie. He is a semiprofessional masseur ($30/h, $20/h for students

Sarah Dowling

Sarah Dowling is the author of Security Posture, winner of the 2009 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. Her work has appeared in journal such as P-Queue, West Coast Line, and The Capilano Review, and is included in the anthology I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women. Sarah received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and teaches in the University of Washington Bothell’s MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics. She is originally from Regina, SK, and is international editor at Jacket2.

Josef Kaplan

Josef Kaplan is the author of Democracy is not for the People, forthcoming from Truck Books. He lives in Brooklyn.

Kristen Gallagher

Kristen Gallagher is a writer and editor. Recent essays have appeared in Criticism, Jacket2, Radical Teacher, and The Paulo Freire Journal. Her most book of poetry, We Are Here (2011), is based on transcriptions of recorded speech that capture human interactions with maps, GPS-enabled devices, and other directional media. Other recent creative work has appeared in Dear Navigator, West Wind Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Joyland Poetry and Poetic Labor Project.

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim (b.1981, Norway) is a visual artist, conceptual poet and composer currently working with the translation between visual, textual and auditive systems, and the concept of isomorphia.

Jordheim lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Eric Zboya

Eric Zboya is an experimental poet and visual artist who lives and works in Calgary, AB. His works have appeared in a variety of literary journals, magazines, and anthologies throughout North America and Europe, such as the Western Humanities Review, filling Station, Rampike, Lana Turner, Weideraufgelegt: Zur Appropriation von Texten und Büchern in Bũchern, and The Sonnets: Rewriting Shakespeare. His works have also been exhibited internationally at the Text Festival in Manchester, UK; Convergence: Literary Art Exhibition in Belfast, UK; the Whitechapel Gallery in London, UK; the Overgaden in Copenhagen, DK; and will be apart of the Postscript Exhibition at the MCA in Denver, US and the Power Plant in Toronto, CA. and at the A Kind of “Huh?” Exhibition in Toulouse, FR.

Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander lives in New York. He is the author of Panda (Truck Books 2011/2012) and McNugget (Troll Thread, forthcoming). You can find him on Twitter at @hedorah55.

Jeanette Johns

Jeanette Johns is an artist from Winnipeg, who is currently pursuing her MFA at Concordia in Montréal. Her practice considers the intersections of geometry, patterning and representations of place. Looking for a relationship between the act of observation and the aesthetic experience of beauty, she dissects and constructs graphic representation of knowledge such as the imagery of maps, diagrams and graphs. Plans for Walls and Floors is part of her recent work that looks closer at ways of understanding landscape through the mediation of 2D images.