Matrix Magazine is a literary magazine with an eclectic, quirky character, and a thirst for innovation that can’t be satisfied. We try, though — we try. And we keep our submission base open to many art forms, including all manner of literary work — poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews, essays, humour writing, columns, reviews, and other experiments — as well as illustration, comics, photography, and anything else that can be represented in print. Each issue highlights a rising star in our Featured Fiction and Featured Poetry sections, alongside a themed dossier, guest edited by someone (or a group of someones) who is particularly interested and knowledgeable on the subject. In every issue, you’ll find a multi-dimensional exploration of things known and unknown, playful and grave, and above all: curious.

You are reading Matrix’s online supplement, which provides a forum for content that we love that doesn’t fit our print format.


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