Bent at the Spine by Nicole Markotić, reviewed by Lise Gaston
Flowers of Spit by Catherine Mavrikakis, Translated by Nathanäel, reviewed by Alexander R. St-Laurent
You Exist. Details Follow. by Stuart Ross, reviewed by Lise Gaston
The Captain Poetry Poems Complete by bpNichol, reviewed by David Barrick
Wedding in Fire Countryby Darren Bifford, reviewed by Katie Sehl
Woods Wolf Girl by Cornelia Hoogland, reviewed by David Barrick
1996 by Sara Peters, reviewed by Sarah Burgoyne
Bone and Bread by Saleema Nawaz, reviewed by Fazeela Jiwa
Chris Eaton, A Biography by Chris Eaton, reviewed by Caitlin Stall-Paquet
The Devil and the Detective by John Goldbach, reviewed by Tom Burke
The Politics of Knives by Jonathan Ball, reviewed by Katherine Sehl
Where Bears Roam the Streets by Jeff Parker, reviewed by Lizy Mostowski
The Geography of Pluto by Christopher DiRaddo, reviewed by Su J. Sokol
The Uncertainty Principle by Roxanna Bennett, reviewed by Julie Mannell
Beginning with the Mirror by Peter Dube, reviewed by Su J. Sokol
The Things I Heard About You by Alex Leslie, reviewed by Fazeela Jiwa
The Quiet by Anne-Marie Turza, reviewed by Rachel Wyatt
The Inspection House: An Impertinent Guide to Modern Surveillance by Emily Horne & Tim Maly, reviewed by Veronica Belafi
Universal Bureau of Copyrights by Bertrand Laverdure, trans. Oana Avasilichioaei, reviewed by Klara du Plessis
Cinema of the Present by Lisa Robertson, reviewed by Jessi MacEachern