Things You Can Buy by Kristen Gallagher

From Grand Central

Things You Can Buy at Grand Central

Motel Deluxe bon voyage greeting card with picture of sunset $5
Solid gray Swatch watch $120
Pink children’s Tinker Bell Swatch watch $50
Glenmorangie 10 year highland single malt $54.95
Disco ball crystal earrings $165
Pink plastic Dizzy Brand flip flops $35
3-pack of children’s socks $18
Ruby and gemstone necklace $100
Chocolate cake $30
9 inch apricot lemon tart $24
9 inch chocolate praline mousse $39.50
6 raw cauliflower heads $3
7 raw baby carrots $3.84
2 raw baby eggplants $3.31
Baked macaroni $7.99 per pound
Morbier $15.99 per pound
Provolone $12.99 per pound
Caciocavallo $17.99 per pound
Appenzeller $20.99 per pound
Taleggio $14.99 per pound
Pecorino Tartufello $28.99 per pound
Crocsk of St. Marcellin $6.99 each
Stravecchio $15.99 per pound
Dansk bleu $10.99 per pound
Dill havarti $8.99 per pound
Mountain gorgonzola $14.99 per pound
Valdeon $16.99 per pound
Drunken goat $16.99 per pound
Isabella gouda $15.99 per pound
2 year aged Boerenkaas $15.99 per pound
Aged manchego $16.99 per pound
Young manchego $14.99 per pound
Irish cheddar $9.99 per pound
Tickler cheddar $10.99 per pound
1 year aged cheddar $7.99 per pound
Yellow cheddar $5.99 per pound
Jarlsberg $9.99 per pound
Gruyere $17.99 per pound
Raisin clusters $29.00 per pound
Marzipan acorns $38.00 per pound
Hazelnut truffle squares $38.00 per pound
Hazelnut truffle rounds $38.00 per pound
Mello mints $29.00 per pound
Marshmallow bars $29.00 per pound
All-American bars $29.00 per pound
Sugar free chocolate covered pretzels $22.00 per pound
Sugar free cashew clusters $29.00 per pound
Sugar free almond bark $30.00 per pound
Mocha truffles $38.00 per pound
French cream truffles $38.00 per pound
Coconut shrimp $21.00 per pound
Organic olive oil $70.00 per bottle
Bottle of Grgich Hills cabernet sauvignon $75.00
Standard roller Mont Blanc pen $595.00
Standard fountain Mont Blanc pen $825.00
Mont Blanc Etoile pen $1055.00
Pink marble resin Mont Blanc pen with embedded crystals $525.00
Mont Blanc pen Meisterstuck Doue collection with geometric designs $645.00
Black Mont Blanc letter opener $400.00
Chinese tea set $50.00
100 grams loose rooibos tea $16
Limited edition graffiti-themed designer suitcase by Tumi $595 (only 100 were made)
Nightgown with floral print and black lace $85
1 oz of anti aging serum extracted from a tree in Ghana $55
10 oz verbena hand wash $20
Rose body cream $36
Cherry blossom body cream $35
Rose scented candle $23
Peony soap $23
Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting $2.75
Magnolia Bakery 15th anniversary cupcake marble cake buttercream icing died green with dark chocolate disc $3.50
Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing $2.75
Magnolia Bakery chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing $2.75
Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting and small candy adornment in shape of yellow flower with green leaf on each side $3.50
Magnolia Bakery German chocolate cupcake $3.25
Magnolia Bakery hummingbird cupcake banana pineapple pecans cream cheese icing $3.25
Magnolia Bakery red velvet cheesecake with chocolate cookie crust $6.00
Magnolia Bakery icebox cake $4.50 slice
Ceramic birdhouses made in upstate NY small $120 and large $165
Check out origins product names!! What ever.
Corn syrup, sugar and preservative free ketchup with rosemary and chili oil $12.50
Mayonnaise with candied lemon peel $12.50
Papyrus regular gift wrap with patterns of either pink hearts and blue elephants, brown and white tweed, overlapping rainbows, watercolor flower clusters, or pink cake slices and green ice cream cones $4.50
Papyrus specialty gift wrap in various colors with sparkles $6.50
Set of 2 champagne glasses $45
Large wine goblet that says “I am the platinum experience” $25
16 oz basil infused olive oil $33
16 oz bergamot infused olive oil $33
16 oz chili infused olive oil $33
16 oz green lemon infused olive oil $33
16 oz lemon infused olive oil $33
16 oz mandarin infused olive oil $33
2012 Live with Intention calendar $13.95
BBQ turkey meatloaf $14 per pound
Black Moleskine notebook 192 pages $17.95
Red Moleskine notebook 240 page $24.95
Set of 2 9 x 14 cm Moleskine Legendary notebooks in assorted colors 8.95
Bold taco seasoning 4 oz $4.69
Bottle stopper b2b by Lauren Lucs $14.00
Macaroons in either cassis, hazelnut, banana caramel, or Chocolate $2.25
Flourless spinach and feta soufflé $10.50 per pound
Grilled vegetables $15 per pound
Keylime cheesecake $5.50 per slice
Chocolate financier $1.40
Pack of 12 “Vintage Parisian” glitter greeting postcards $12.95
Pedicure at Francesco’s Hair Salon and Day Spa $30
Red velvet cheesecake with chocolate cookie crust $6.00
Salt shaker on rolling wind-up wheels decorated like a bird with real feather tail $18
Set of 4 plastic bowls with image of princess on bottom, matching princess juice cups and small plates $42
Thomas the Tank tape measure $7
Red Robot pencil cup $7
Wild Alaskan Copper River Sockeye salmon $29.99 per pound
Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon $31.99 per pound
Wild caught Chilean sea bass $29.99 per pound
Wild Portuguese sardines $9.99 per pound
Wild U7 jumbo shrimp $29.99 per pound
Lafont “Atmosphere” eyeglass frames brown with blue edging $559.00
Mikli eyeglass frames blue $509.00
Book The Art of Shaving $17
Furtura Razor Visionaire $95
Pure badger hair shaving brush with water buffalo horn $75
Shave stand brass coated in nickel $100

“Things You Can Buy” is part of a manuscript, titled Grand Central, an attempt to exhaustively describe New York’s Grand Central Station through a variety of styles.