Plans for Walls and Floors by Jeanette Johns

Plans for Walls and Floors

Jeanette Johns says:

Plans for Walls and Floors is a series of 17 works that use the traditional craft of paper marbling to achieve cartographic effects. The map-like surfaces are each paired with a pattern derived from the 17 distinct plane symmetry groups – also called wallpaper groups. A wallpaper group is a mathematical classification of a two-dimensional repetitive pattern, based on the unique symmetries that structure the pattern. This particular way of filling a plane with a repeated image, often used in decorative motifs, is used here to draw a connection with how we look at and absorb landscape. These two observational vantage points draw attention to similarities in the processes of deciphering topographical landscapes and deciphering the various ways a pattern can repeat. The act of observing leads one to notice intricate constructions of landscape and geometric pattern composition. This looking, and seeing the whole, transforms chaos into understanding, which in turn allows one the experience of pleasure and intrigue in observation and maybe finding beauty while trying to locate a sense of order.